• Maria Lindley

Mistakes are overlooked when your customers have a connection with you.

Have you ever purchased from a friend, experienced friction with the product, but continued to support the brand anyway because, well….….that’s your homie?

This was me yesterday with software.

But because the creator is a friend who I know will take the issue seriously and look into it...

I’ll continue to support them vs. canceling my subscription and going with a competitor.

When consumers feel like they’re buying from a friend and confident their issues are of utmost importance to you

They’ll be heaps more forgiving of mistakes and remain loyal to your brand.

A few ways to strengthen relationships with your customers:

>> Inject personality and empathy into your communication

>> Conduct surveys to discover consumer needs so you can then 👇🏽

>> Segment your audience accordingly and deliver personalized solutions

>> Surprise and delight with unexpected gestures

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