• Maria Lindley

How to grab the eyeballs of your prospects.

Character: Me

Location: My mattress

Date: Many moons ago. (Ok, more like last year.)

Scene: Mindlessly scrolling my social media feed while suffering from my nightly bout of inability-to-stay-asleep.

Suddenly…… ad grabs my eyeballs.

My rollercoaster-of-emotions-voyage from browser to customer:

At first, I was mildly interested. 🧐

“What do we have here?”

Then intrigued. 🤓

“Hold up! That does indeed sound like me.”

Amazed. 😱

“Dayum!! They just accurately described my problem.”

In disbelief. 🤯

“It’s like they extracted thoughts from me brain!!!”

Sold. 🤩

“Take. My. Muuuu-nay!!”


Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal prospects.

Hell, wear their whole outfit.

When you immerse yourself in:

>> Their insomnia-causing-fears

>> Their exasperations

>> Their concerns

>> Their lingo

Then use that research in your messaging…….

… creates a razor-pointed arrow aimed for their brain, pinpointing their frustrations, and invoking trust that your product IS the solution to THEIR problems.

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