connected copy   

con·nec·ted copy ׀ adjective

intentional words that:

  • problem solve

  • are digestible

  • drive sales

  • evoke trust

  • create interest 

  • speak in your brand voice

  • convert



As an eCommerce copywriter with a passion for working with sustainability-driven brands, I help you improve your core marketing KPIs through ethical, effective copywriting.


Being a business owner means you're acutely aware of your industry's competition.

You know better than anyone that it's simply not enough to have a unique product. To elevate your business and drive growth, you must form a relationship with your customers, inspiring trust, value alignment, and brand devotion. 

That's where I come in!

Whether you're looking to create brand awareness or increase your current customer base, I help you generate or strengthen customer loyalty and conversions with my strategic messaging.

After analyzing and researching your product, competitors, and ideal consumers, I craft a personalized customer journey that converts your browsers into loyal fans. 

I attract the attention of your target audience by speaking to them in their language and addressing their pain points. Then I reel them in and position your product as the BEST solution to their problem by translating features into benefits. 

Finally, I close with specific words — 

compelling your audience to convert, sign up, or buy.

So, if you’re ready to attract and engage your audience with conversion-driven words that SLAY the competition and increase your AOV, click the button below. 



​After we’ve connected and I’ve immersed myself in learning about your business and what your expectations for the copy entail, I will -- 

  1. Thoroughly research like a dog with a bone.

  2. Conceptualize and create in your brand voice.

  3. Ensure I’ve perfected it to your exact expectations.

These are the steps I use to create that kickass copy that soars your business to the next level by helping your brand go from great to addictive!

Click the button below and let's scale your business! 


“No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic, and promise.”

Eugene Schwartz



Made with 💗 in Austin, TX.

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